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lovely close up from Pushing Daisies

When you get this, say 5 nice things about yourself. BECAUSE YOU ARE FANTASTIC. whisper it, shout it, and/or post it. whatever you feel like. and then, if you want, send it to some of your favorite tumblroos. I did.

I was hoarding this for quite awhile. I love you jennhoney. So much. It was easier for me to think of things that I like via the compliments I have received…

1. I can talk to and in front of people easily. I think it comes from being raised by actors and my own acting until I graduated High School. I consider myself shy but have no issue getting up in front of people and saying something prepared or my own random nonsense. I have made people cry and come up and thank me after giving speeches. I do not know if I am actually any good, I just know I enjoy it. It has also been said I can “have a great conversation with a lamp.”

2. I have pretty eyes.  I USE them. I enjoy real eye contact and like showing people with my eyes that they are important and I am listening to them. 

3. I have really soft hair.  I love it and it gets me pets.  Most people know I have a preoccupation with hair ruffling? I like my own hair fluffy and I am a fan of people who also have hair I want to get into.

4. I laugh loud and often and with pure joy. At a show, I am often THAT laugher. The one you hear giggling like a lunatic and having the time of their life. I like it because I adore having something happy I cannot control, it just BURSTS forth. My laugh has been called “adorable,” “the best,” “infectious” and even “erotic” whatever that means.  A normal conversation with me is at least half giggles.

5. People say I am sweet. It is my favorite compliment. If I can be nice to somebody I WILL be nice to somebody. I get self-conscious about it but do it anyway, I force myself. It is worth it. I accept that I can be cranky and sassy but my sweetness is the thing that seems to stick out the most.

Guess What. This was difficult.

The key to accepting responsibility for your life is to accept the fact that your choices, every one of them, are leading you inexorably to either success or failure, however you define those terms.
Neal Boortz (via itsquoted)